The trail right-of-way is currently owned entirely by the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Any use of the trail without the permission of CP Rail is trespassing. Friends of the Susquehanna River Rail-Trail Inc. will not be responsible for any loss or injury to people or equipment on the trail.

The Canadian Pacific railroad continues to operate on a parallel line in the Nineveh Junction area. Do not tresspass on the tracks in this area!

Remember that the trail passes near and through private property in many areas. Please respect the trail's neighbors.

The trail property is currently undeveloped and a section north of Windsor is being used for gravel mining. There may be hazardous conditions in some areas and motorized vehicles may be on the property. Avoid entering the mining area, and always be cautious and be responsible while on the property.

The dumping of trash or littering on the trail will not be tolerated. Anyone found doing so will be prosecuted.

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